miércoles, 30 de abril de 2014

OUTFIT POST No. 1: The Truth Behind The Outfit Post

Well, although this is supposed to be my first outfit post, it isn't. These pics were posted on my earlier blog, but they were too cool not to post them. On this post, I'm also gonna explain the difference between what an outfit post is supposed to be and what it actually is.


An outfit post started as something spontaneous, you like what you wear, you share it and people "get inspiration from that". That last part is something I do(well, just sometimes, but gotta reckon that I have eventually-not very often though- done so) following what I cal the WAILLc procedure(which will be detailed in a future post). It has to be like "oh, I love what I'm wearing now, could you take me a pic?", but well, if we used that criteria, a 99,9999% of the outfit posts from all the bloggers around the world aren't actually like that.


Nowadays, an outfit post has turned out to be no other thing than a attempt to feel like a model for a couple of shots(a lot more are taken though), you just have to go to Paris in Fashion Week time and check "how naturally it goes", tons of famous bloggers(these ones are actually front-rowers) followed by their photographers(which tend to be their adorable-for-not-complaining boyfriends), striking the pose next to the Eiffel Tower. Those bloggers are cool: they go to important fashion shows(and with important, you know what I mean), travel the world, shop for Chanel bags, and all that stuff I wish I had the chance to do. Their pics are gourgeous, since they really now, not only how to pose, but also how to use photoshop(and with that I mean editing the pics). Think imma stop talking about that beacause I want to be them so bad...


Well, my outfits are like some sort of mixture of everything: I do wear those clothes down the street, the thing is that I don't always carry my professional camera with me(it's too heavy to carry around), so I always end up shooting in the same spot. However, there are always exceptions: travelling and eventual going-outs.

These pics were taken on a Saturday  afternoon, the majority of which I spent wandering at home wearing an old tracksuit, a pair of flip flops, and my hair up in the most disastrorous bun. I might not remember the disastrorous combination I might have made, but the comfyness of that hipster-whatever-you-wanna-call-it-outfit still remains.


So, this is my 3rd try...hope it to be definitive(at last) . Well, the first thing I'd like to say is Welcome, guys! Thanks for visiting (wait, maybe it should have been the definitive one...). The second one, what this is gonna be about...

No. This is not an oh-look-how-wonderful-my-life-is sort of blog. I'm kinda over that, and so I think people is. Cause, you know, it pisses me off when these second-row bloggers(beacuse there are also the "front-row"ones, whose lifes I f%$/ing admire) start saying: "oh, I'm so happy, my life is changing so fast", and posting uncountable silly selfies on Instagram with their Starbucks frappés and all that stuff. I don't mean I'm not into selfies, damn, we all have those why-am-I-not-a-model days, and that's worth to be shared; or the typical "flightgram"(of course, not in Bussiness, but on these low(low)-cost flights booked online). Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that one of the main aims of this site is to keep you up with a real life, like yours, showing off "the cool part", but without letting the not-so-cool side out.

After all this blahblahblah on what this is going to be about, I'm not entertaining you more(at least untill my next post): thanks for reading guys! And comment below please(it's so sad to have an empty desktop when logging in :( )

PS: Don't hesitate on contacting me (crischik@live.com and yes, I've had this adress for ages, that's why it's so damn ridiculous ) for I-don't-know-what-to-wear situations, or any other style-related issue, or well, whatever reason you want to contact me for. ;D/Podéis hacerlo también en ESPAÑOL, lo que pasa es que me daba pereza traducir el post xd

Cris XX