viernes, 4 de julio de 2014

SUMMER'S HERE(actually, it got here quite a long time ago) Outfit post No.4: Tropical vibes)

Hey there-if there's still someone reading this-!

I'm back(for the second time)! Sorry for not having written for such a long time, Bachillerato-slash-Sixth-form-slash-High School-slash-however you wanna call the two last painful school years prior to college have put me away from society during these last weeks. Well, actually it's been like that untill like a week ago, when I came back from Oxford-University prep course/Summer camp/remember I'm not a well-known blogger and that I have no contracts with brands who pay me for travelling.

And why haven't I post anything during this time?Well, I don't want this to sound artificial-as it might but I've been socially-dead preparing stuff for my university application(yep, again "future stuff").

Talking about the outfit, I find it quite simple, nothing outrageous, just a white tee(ZARA) matched with a pair of super-comfy-and-fresh tropical-printed pants(ZARA, again) and also my super comfy longchamp bag, which, just like the 99% of the people, might already have a place in your closet. Whatever, scroll down to see the pics.

(Worried face 1-sorry for my lack of modelling skills)


I'd rather not talk about this one...just focus on the clothes(I'm begging you)

Okay, my feet are not the cutest.

Loads of love!!
Cris, XX