viernes, 4 de julio de 2014

SUMMER'S HERE(actually, it got here quite a long time ago) Outfit post No.4: Tropical vibes)

Hey there-if there's still someone reading this-!

I'm back(for the second time)! Sorry for not having written for such a long time, Bachillerato-slash-Sixth-form-slash-High School-slash-however you wanna call the two last painful school years prior to college have put me away from society during these last weeks. Well, actually it's been like that untill like a week ago, when I came back from Oxford-University prep course/Summer camp/remember I'm not a well-known blogger and that I have no contracts with brands who pay me for travelling.

And why haven't I post anything during this time?Well, I don't want this to sound artificial-as it might but I've been socially-dead preparing stuff for my university application(yep, again "future stuff").

Talking about the outfit, I find it quite simple, nothing outrageous, just a white tee(ZARA) matched with a pair of super-comfy-and-fresh tropical-printed pants(ZARA, again) and also my super comfy longchamp bag, which, just like the 99% of the people, might already have a place in your closet. Whatever, scroll down to see the pics.

(Worried face 1-sorry for my lack of modelling skills)


I'd rather not talk about this one...just focus on the clothes(I'm begging you)

Okay, my feet are not the cutest.

Loads of love!!
Cris, XX

lunes, 19 de mayo de 2014

Outfit post N.3 Those Clothes We All Wear Down The Street

Hey guys!! Have you reflected already on yesterday's post?-commenting is free ;D- Anyway, today I'm showing you one of those looks that, as the title shows, we all wear for going to class, going for a walk, day-to-day situations we, the people with a not-so-glamourous life confront every day.

On the pictures I'm wearing: a Brandy Melville knitten sweater along with my Abercrombie destroyed jeggings and my MICHAEL by Michael Khors espadrilles. What I like the most about the outfit, appart from it's comfiness, it's the Californian vibe of it, I don't know if it's the messy-using another word for 'uncombed'- wavy hair or the almost-oversize sweater that every time I wear it I feel just like in LA*whispers*(wish I could go back).

Anyway, enjoy the look, get inspiration from it or whatever you might wanna do with it-but PLEASE COMMENT-


Cris XX

PS: The bag, which is what some people would call 'vintage'-but that I'd called 'reather old'-is from Zara. An sorry because of my face!

domingo, 18 de mayo de 2014

Louis Vuitton Cruise show 2015: It's Not Only About Fashion

So, under this title, most bloggers might talk about how "gorg and wonderful the LV Cruise show was", that Ghesquière's job was wonderful-showing now preference for Jacobs or for him- and blah blah blah. Most of these bloggers might've been spoiled by Vuitton to say this OR would like to, so they praise everything it's done at the maison.

Well, I haven't been spoiled by LV-in fact, I watched the show on YouTube- and well, although I wouldn't mind to, I'm not go to praise them for it. Anyway, I'm writting this to talk about a major problem I've seen in the latest Vuitton shows-both of them styled by Ghesquière- : the almost-starvation state of the models.

I'm not going to start giving the typical talk of "models should be curvy women, they should have a big butt, so that they would aproach to the day-to-day woman." I'm not saying that beacause that'd be hypocrite, considering the fact that we all want to be skinny or muscled, or have an ideal body, and also beacuse it's something that depends on the desingner-and, consequently, on the clothes-, and I believe they should have freedom for that, as the model is for the desingner what the canvas is for the painter, but sometimes the line is crossed, and in this case the line is health.

Most people might think that this is just stupid-most of the minority who reads this-, that I, a 16-year old girl haven't got voice on this debate, but I don't agree with that, I think this concerns me as I'm one of those millions of teenager around the world who purschases VOGUE every month and, when opening it at home, goes through the pages checking out all those amazing photoshoots, comparing herself with those gorgeous models on the cover and thinking "I wish I had her body, how does she do it?"

Luckily, in my case, it's not anything alarming-as I end up not being able to complete a single series of abs-, but some girls do get obsessed with that, not because they think they are gonna get more boys because of that, but because of a matter of inner satisfaction, because they think that way, if they look like all those starved models, they'll be modelling for Vuitton, and if they see a 15-cm thigh modelling for Vuitton, theyare going to starve themselfs untill they have that damn 15-cm thigh.

To conclude, I'd like to say  I have nothing aganist Louis Vuitton(otherwise, they wouldn't mind) neither aganist Nicholas Ghesquière whose job, after the permanent footprint Jacobs has left in the maison, is a tough one(He will also appear on my  series of "hot desngners"). I also would like to state that Vuitton bags do still have my heart.

sábado, 17 de mayo de 2014

Hot designers-Another reason to love fashion(along with their latest respective collections): Balmain's Oliver Rousteing

Fashion has always been blamed for being too superficial, and I know this post shows the superficialness of fashion at its top, as showing collections only because of the designer behind them...oh wait, taht's what fashion's about: buying stuff or watching shows just because of the maison behind them.

I was just kidding. You can get from fashion whatever you want to. Wether you see it as an art form, a way of expressing yourself, a source of income(or "outcome"),...ANYWAY, as I was not saying, this post is about those all-time maisons' creative minds who could perfectly pass as models but who prefer to stay behind the runaway rather than in front of the camera. We will also check out some of their proposals for this season, that-believe me- are some of the coolest ones for this s/s...

1. Oliver Rousteing

Olivier Rousteing Is Hot

Creative head of Balmain since 2011, we could say he's footprint on the brand is been marked by the famous Balmain "arlequin-alike" diamond print,- along with other more-than-shiny tissues -. We could say he's given the brand a more noble appearance, but keeping it "youthfully fresh". This season, we've seen maximized vichy prints in pastel colors-specially in pink-, matched with bronx-alike golden chain necklaces and also black leather, which has surprisingly happeared repetadly on this season's collections, and also white lace, used in semitransparent tops and booties. This combination, which might seem "a bit grandmotherish", isn't like that-at all-, as Oliver keeps it young using sporty silhouttes that are key for us to fall for it..

Rousteing is not only said to be a feshion genie, but also one of the most charismatic desingners of our time. His character has helped him to make friends with Rihanna, who's been this years' image, and other celebrities, just like Rosie Humtington, who was one of the few who wore short dresses for the Met Gala-it was Balmain's- and also more teenage-focused stars just like Selena Gomez. All these things show us we should keep an eye on him once he's finished with Balmain, as we don't never know what's coming next!
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viernes, 16 de mayo de 2014

It's A Teenager's prob: the awkwardness of not being followed.

Has it never happened to you that you follow one of these "popular people" on Instagram, Twitter,... you've actually met in person, and that they know you know them , and then it turns out that they don't follow you back? That's damn frustrating. I mean, who do they think they are? Justin Bierber? Karl Lagerfeld?Chiara?! If I am interested in checking their Instagrams/Twitter/etc out I just type their names on the searching bar instead of folllowing them.

I understand you don't follow back in case you don't know that person, or in case he/she is creepy, but c'mon if say hello to someone like nearly every day and that person replies you back-which means you are not stalking or resulting creepy sth- you are supposed to "know"-superficially, but still know- that person. The problem is that there's this hundred-of-likes eomaniacs who think they are superior and don't.follow.back.

Now that I've shared my anger with you-if someone's actually reading this-, share your anger/indignation back and comment whether there's an egomaniac in your life or not, thanks!XX

Outfit post N.2: Feeling like an it girl because of the stupid fact that my shorts weren't actually denim.

Hey there! I know it's been like a week since I last updated this thing. I'm sorry. I've been pretty busy lately, as I'm currently in the middle of my exams-at least there are only 3 weeks of school left, yay!-, and, although after sleeping there was updating this, I have't slept. At all. Well, actually, today I've had a 1-hour nap that's given me life, but that's been all.

Oh gosh I hate the high school student life. I mean, it's nothing compared  to what I had expected from it. Maybe because of the fact that this American TV series-just like Awkward, which can keep me stuck to the TV for hours- do raise the bar a bit too much, making you innocently believe that High School means social life everywhere you go, paties every Friday,...when it actually means the opposite. There are no parties every weekend at someone's huge house-or at least I'm invited to none-, not hot Matty-alike guys walking down the corridors and if there are any-which is a very VERY rare phenomenom-, their already caught by some stupid-but-that-no-one-notices-because-she-is-popular girl, who's all the time looking at the rest of us, the mortals, as if she was from a superior race or something.

ANYWAY, High School sucks and on this outfit post I'm feeling cool because I'm not wearing denim shorts, but this Balenciaga-alike-but keeping it low-cost, as they are from Zara- semitransparent white perfect ones, matched with one of my fave pair of shoes. my adorable croc-effect leather superga for TBS flatforms. I also added this floral bomber jacket from Bershka, which I bought in Spring last year, and a fluid basic white top also from this s/s Zara collection. Talking about accessories, I'm wearing my super cute Rebeca Minkoff bag, which I got last year in an outlet in the US(again, gotta save) and a pair of Ray-Ban wayfarers I stole from my sister's closet.

As you can see, and although the majority of you might just go direct to the pics, a blog can also include philoshphycal reflections on how normal our lifes are-amomg other stuff-. And well, I'd better get going as I'm starting to not know what to write about, so I'm going to stop writting to avoid an increase in the stupidness of my ideas. Bye!!XX

PD:Sorry because of the fact that some pics are edited and some others aren't, this stone I call computer-cause I dio neither have a MAC- wasn't able to save the edited files :(

(Okay, on this one I look a bit like "hey dude, don't dare to touch me")