viernes, 16 de mayo de 2014

Outfit post N.2: Feeling like an it girl because of the stupid fact that my shorts weren't actually denim.

Hey there! I know it's been like a week since I last updated this thing. I'm sorry. I've been pretty busy lately, as I'm currently in the middle of my exams-at least there are only 3 weeks of school left, yay!-, and, although after sleeping there was updating this, I have't slept. At all. Well, actually, today I've had a 1-hour nap that's given me life, but that's been all.

Oh gosh I hate the high school student life. I mean, it's nothing compared  to what I had expected from it. Maybe because of the fact that this American TV series-just like Awkward, which can keep me stuck to the TV for hours- do raise the bar a bit too much, making you innocently believe that High School means social life everywhere you go, paties every Friday,...when it actually means the opposite. There are no parties every weekend at someone's huge house-or at least I'm invited to none-, not hot Matty-alike guys walking down the corridors and if there are any-which is a very VERY rare phenomenom-, their already caught by some stupid-but-that-no-one-notices-because-she-is-popular girl, who's all the time looking at the rest of us, the mortals, as if she was from a superior race or something.

ANYWAY, High School sucks and on this outfit post I'm feeling cool because I'm not wearing denim shorts, but this Balenciaga-alike-but keeping it low-cost, as they are from Zara- semitransparent white perfect ones, matched with one of my fave pair of shoes. my adorable croc-effect leather superga for TBS flatforms. I also added this floral bomber jacket from Bershka, which I bought in Spring last year, and a fluid basic white top also from this s/s Zara collection. Talking about accessories, I'm wearing my super cute Rebeca Minkoff bag, which I got last year in an outlet in the US(again, gotta save) and a pair of Ray-Ban wayfarers I stole from my sister's closet.

As you can see, and although the majority of you might just go direct to the pics, a blog can also include philoshphycal reflections on how normal our lifes are-amomg other stuff-. And well, I'd better get going as I'm starting to not know what to write about, so I'm going to stop writting to avoid an increase in the stupidness of my ideas. Bye!!XX

PD:Sorry because of the fact that some pics are edited and some others aren't, this stone I call computer-cause I dio neither have a MAC- wasn't able to save the edited files :(

(Okay, on this one I look a bit like "hey dude, don't dare to touch me")

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