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Hot designers-Another reason to love fashion(along with their latest respective collections): Balmain's Oliver Rousteing

Fashion has always been blamed for being too superficial, and I know this post shows the superficialness of fashion at its top, as showing collections only because of the designer behind them...oh wait, taht's what fashion's about: buying stuff or watching shows just because of the maison behind them.

I was just kidding. You can get from fashion whatever you want to. Wether you see it as an art form, a way of expressing yourself, a source of income(or "outcome"),...ANYWAY, as I was not saying, this post is about those all-time maisons' creative minds who could perfectly pass as models but who prefer to stay behind the runaway rather than in front of the camera. We will also check out some of their proposals for this season, that-believe me- are some of the coolest ones for this s/s...

1. Oliver Rousteing

Olivier Rousteing Is Hot

Creative head of Balmain since 2011, we could say he's footprint on the brand is been marked by the famous Balmain "arlequin-alike" diamond print,- along with other more-than-shiny tissues -. We could say he's given the brand a more noble appearance, but keeping it "youthfully fresh". This season, we've seen maximized vichy prints in pastel colors-specially in pink-, matched with bronx-alike golden chain necklaces and also black leather, which has surprisingly happeared repetadly on this season's collections, and also white lace, used in semitransparent tops and booties. This combination, which might seem "a bit grandmotherish", isn't like that-at all-, as Oliver keeps it young using sporty silhouttes that are key for us to fall for it..

Rousteing is not only said to be a feshion genie, but also one of the most charismatic desingners of our time. His character has helped him to make friends with Rihanna, who's been this years' image, and other celebrities, just like Rosie Humtington, who was one of the few who wore short dresses for the Met Gala-it was Balmain's- and also more teenage-focused stars just like Selena Gomez. All these things show us we should keep an eye on him once he's finished with Balmain, as we don't never know what's coming next!

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