viernes, 9 de mayo de 2014

Cris on music and other hearable stuff.

When you ask most teenagers what is that they can't live without, there are too many possibilities to be written on this post (sorry, character limit!), but if we have to mention a few, some would say "party"(although they've only partied once in their whole life) others would say "books"(that answer sounds soooo intellectual that, in most of the cases, it's actually a lie), and then, they are kinda likely to start talking about names of drugs and other neurone-murderer substances I'm not gonna mention.

BUT there's something, that they're(oh well, WE are) all very likely to answer, and with this I mean about music. Yep, that thing you don't actually care about when you have your Iphone around, but that you miss a lot in day-to-day situations just like: being on the subway(it's so uncomfortable to feel people's eyes on you that faking hesitation because you don't what song to choose seems to be the best option as alternative to having to stare at other people's faces-anyway, as a reminder, I was talking about situations in which music is useful-), road trips(since your headphones are the only way you can avoid talking to your parents about uncomfortable stuff), 7-hour flights in Economy class(it'll help you to forget you have almost no space at all for yourself) and other unstandable situations teenagers (and also adults) might encounter in their routines.

And they question now is, "why the heck am I talking about music?" Well, the answer is simple: Souring The Deal's on Spotify. I have created a playlist on this sort of music social network to share all the music I like(it'll be updated every week), from all-time classics (from Queen, Credence Clearwater Revival, U2...and even some of this songs you've been listenning to for ages but you've never tried to guess their names), to Summer songs(from Calvin Harris, Pharrel Williams, Katy Perry,...) also including some new proposals from more alternative indie groups.

The name of the list is This week's vibes I can't live without , you can keep up with it weekly, just by following it(there's no need to follow my acc, unless you are amazed by my musical taste, which is kinda unlikely to happen, taking in account the extremely wide range of genres I listen to.

So, what types of music do u like? Which one would you say is the soundtrack of your life?Please leave comments, and send me emails with sugestions (whatever you want), feel free to do it!;D

PS: Blogger is notifying me with visits(and they are not mine), so please, if you are visiting this pseudo-website, please make it count and comme t or whatever on earth you want(I'm starting to feel I'm talking to a wall)

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  1. Hola guapísima!
    Te animo a que pongas las entradas también en español, así llegarás a más personas :).
    Y tu primer outfit me ha gustado mucho, muy casual.

    Te seguiré.
    Un beso guapísima

    1. Lo haré(gracias por el consejo! ;D) muchas gracias ☺️☺️☺️☺️

  2. Un post genial!
    Me pasaré más por aquí :)
    Un besito