viernes, 16 de mayo de 2014

It's A Teenager's prob: the awkwardness of not being followed.

Has it never happened to you that you follow one of these "popular people" on Instagram, Twitter,... you've actually met in person, and that they know you know them , and then it turns out that they don't follow you back? That's damn frustrating. I mean, who do they think they are? Justin Bierber? Karl Lagerfeld?Chiara?! If I am interested in checking their Instagrams/Twitter/etc out I just type their names on the searching bar instead of folllowing them.

I understand you don't follow back in case you don't know that person, or in case he/she is creepy, but c'mon if say hello to someone like nearly every day and that person replies you back-which means you are not stalking or resulting creepy sth- you are supposed to "know"-superficially, but still know- that person. The problem is that there's this hundred-of-likes eomaniacs who think they are superior and don't.follow.back.

Now that I've shared my anger with you-if someone's actually reading this-, share your anger/indignation back and comment whether there's an egomaniac in your life or not, thanks!XX

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