lunes, 19 de mayo de 2014

Outfit post N.3 Those Clothes We All Wear Down The Street

Hey guys!! Have you reflected already on yesterday's post?-commenting is free ;D- Anyway, today I'm showing you one of those looks that, as the title shows, we all wear for going to class, going for a walk, day-to-day situations we, the people with a not-so-glamourous life confront every day.

On the pictures I'm wearing: a Brandy Melville knitten sweater along with my Abercrombie destroyed jeggings and my MICHAEL by Michael Khors espadrilles. What I like the most about the outfit, appart from it's comfiness, it's the Californian vibe of it, I don't know if it's the messy-using another word for 'uncombed'- wavy hair or the almost-oversize sweater that every time I wear it I feel just like in LA*whispers*(wish I could go back).

Anyway, enjoy the look, get inspiration from it or whatever you might wanna do with it-but PLEASE COMMENT-


Cris XX

PS: The bag, which is what some people would call 'vintage'-but that I'd called 'reather old'-is from Zara. An sorry because of my face!

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